Chematixs Marketing cc

Company Profile

Manufacturers and Suppliers of
Industrial Cleaning Chemicals,
Customised Specialty Chemicals

Chematixs Marketing cc manufactures a wide range of cleaning products, hygiene chemicals, disinfectants and speciality products.  The company is committed to ensuring quality products and service.  As part of our service we develop partnerships with our clients to provide a complete service of needs analysis, specific product formulations to cater for these needs, staff training and on-going technical support.  We have undertaken analysis and reverse engineering of formulations of imported materials as import replacement products.  Our service is such that we guarantee efficient and cost effective cleaning and hygiene system for our customers.

This is an on-going process and ensures the use of up to date sourcing and usage of the newest chemical ingredients available for cleaning and hygiene maintenance.

Individual client organizations experiencing specific problems or using expensive imported products are offered the opportunity by the Company to resolve these problems or have the imported products systematically analysed and reverse-engineered.

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